How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out
Is your current resume preventing you from getting noticed by potential employers? If you answered yes to either question, pay attention. Writing a cover letter to include with your resume and application could be the difference between getting a paycheck and unemployment. A well-written cover lette...
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Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile
With over half a billion users on LinkedIn, there is a good reason why you should be utilizing this professional platform. Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or looking to network with like-minded professionals, LinkedIn is the social networking site to invest your time with. Accordin...
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How to Find Quality Candidates When Unemployment Is Low
It is a simple law of supply and demand: when there are more candidates, you have a better pool of qualified applicants. In a low unemployment market, you have fewer job seekers and they may not have the skills you need. When there is a low supply of unemployed workers, how do you find high-qua...
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How to Make the Most of On-boarding IT Talent
Your company's on-boarding process will have a significant impact on the retention and engagement of that employee. At a time when 86% of new hires decide their future with a company within the first six months, proper on-boarding is key to retaining talent and preventing negative employee...
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How to Stand Out When Answering Common IT Interview Questions
In today’s collaborative work environment, many teams are geographically and culturally diverse. Your future co-workers also have diverse technical skills that will overlap yours. Technology is ever evolving and while you may know Jira today, in a few months you may need to learn Bamboo, Hudso...
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Where Can You Find Skilled Candidates During a Talent Shortage?
With the unemployment rate hitting record lows, employers are having a hard time locating skilled workers, and with the economy continuing to chug along, the current talent shortage could be here for the foreseeable future. In addition to the low number of people looking for work, employers despera...
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