It is one thing for us to discuss our services and all that MiSource has to offer.  However, the real testimony is what our Clients have to say about us.

"Over the course of the past three years, we have hired numerous employees from MiSource ranging from entry level Engineers to Engineering Managers.  The level of quality has exceeded other recruiting vendors that we have used.  I find this to be of no coincidence."    - Human Resources Manager- Fortune 500 Defense Contractor


"MiSource continues to deliver in a timely fashion the quality applicants we are looking for. "   - Operations Manager- Installation Company


"MiSource is always responsive and has provided us with several valuable and qualified personnel.  MiSource is my staffing solution and I would recommend them to any company looking for a quality staffing firm."      - Support Center Manager- Leading Retail Organization


"I would like to thank MiSource, Inc. for your stellar support in assisting us in filling 110 IT professional staff positions.  Our industry is difficult to recruit for and MiSource has been able to place numerous superior candidates with us.  MiSource, Inc. has helped us meet a demanding program timeline."    - CEO- IT Solutions and Telecommunications Company


"Their timeliness is most impeccable and the quality of people MiSource Inc. has provided to our organization has been outstanding.  From the first phone call to a prospective candidate to walking the candidate in on their first day of work, MiSource Inc. cuts no corners in the recruiting process."      - Human Resources Manager- Fortune 500 Defense Contractor


"Having MiSource, Inc. on our team has proven to be a capability multiplier.  Without your assistance, we would have to have grown our HR staff by 5-6 people full-time.  Your company has provided a valuable service at a competitive cost and allowed my company to focus on our core service offerings to our customers."  - CEO- IT Solutions Company


"I would recommend… MiSource for any recruiting needs an organization has.  [They] are such a great [organization] to work with and  always find the best people that are reliable, knowledgeable and learn our way of doing things fast."      - Manager- Telecommunications Company


"[MiSource] has manifested both professionalism and courtesy and, without fail, always follows the rules of engagement I set.  [They] have provided me with quality candidates at a fair price.  [They] have taken the time to understand my firm’s needs; more importantly, understand the intangibles that allow [their] candidates to stand out from his competition.  When I needed a quick fill, [MiSource] was always able to assist without compromising the quality of candidate."
- Corporate Recruiter- Engineering and Integrated Services Firm