Where Can You Find Skilled Candidates During a Talent Shortage?

With the unemployment rate hitting record lows, employers are having a hard time locating skilled workers, and with the economy continuing to chug along, the current talent shortage could be here for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the low number of people looking for work, employers desperate for talent are trying to grab it from the ranks of their competition. From flexible scheduling to remote work arrangements and daycare, companies are working hard to attract skilled workers from any source they can.

Thankfully, all is not lost for companies looking to hire skilled workers. They simply need to fine-tune their efforts and broaden their scope. Consider using the following tactics to hire skilled workers in today’s tough labor market.

Develop internal talent

There should be no shortage of smart employees who can and want to develop new skills, especially if doing so will help them move up the corporate ladder.

Unfortunately, according to payroll company ADP, only 58 percent of companies have a talent development plan in place. Without a plan, workforce development is left to chance, and sadly, these companies don’t realize what they’re missing until they’re faced with a critical staffing situation during a talent shortage.

Make work meaningful

Organizations have to realize they can’t keep depending on fringe benefits to attract skilled workers. While things like an on-site gym or free breakroom snacks are appealing, they aren’t exactly deal closers.

Research regularly reveals that millennials want meaningful work more than a big paycheck or great fringe benefits. Rather, they’re trying to find a feeling of purpose, pride and meaning as a result of the work they do.

Therefore, an effective approach to attracting skilled candidates is to develop a feeling of shared collaboration and purpose. When you give work meaning and boost employee engagement, you effectively turn employees into ambassadors for your employer brand.

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