5 Reasons to Outsource Recruiting

As the economy begins to move again and the unemployment rate declines, now, more than ever, a recruiting firm can prove its value to companies of all sizes. Landing the best talent, in less time, is a competitive edge for all businesses. Here are five reasons your company should consider turning to a recruiting firm for your talent sourcing needs.

Keep Doing What You Do Best:

Regardless of business size, the time it takes to find, screen, and interview job candidates strips precious time away from your core competencies, resulting in lost productivity and profitability. Outsourcing recruitment gives this time back to your clients, products and stakeholders, allowing the company to focus on what it does best, while the recruiting firm does what they do best…finding the best candidate.

Reduce Turnover

Finding the ideal candidate for any position takes time. Hiring anything less than the ideal candidate ultimately contributes to turnover. Turnover then affects the efficiency and productivity of your business, which ultimately impacts profit. With large databases of candidates and dedicated staff, who are working with those ideal candidates you seek, recruiting firms have the resources to find that ideal candidate, without settling for second best.

Test Current Methods

What if your company already has an internal recruiting function? These companies often turn to recruiters to compare how their own recruiting efforts measure against the specialization of a recruiting firm. By having a comparison, companies are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their in-house talent sourcing teams, compare the depth of candidates, and ultimately assess the return on investment of their internal recruiting strategy.

Tailor Recruiting Efforts

Most internal recruiting personnel are “generalists” who, regardless of quantity of open positions, remain part of the company’s annual budget. What happens when your company does not have enough openings to keep your recruiting staff busy? By working with a recruiting firm, you have an entire team of specialized recruiting resources at your disposal, when needed. If you have a large quantity of positions to fill, you will have an entire team of recruiting experts working hard on your behalf. If there are no positions to fill, your financial resources are open to being used in other parts of your business.

Keep Up With the Competition

Regardless of your company’s size, there are always companies with more resources allocated to recruiting. By using a recruiting firm, you are able to keep up with your competition by putting the recruiting firm’s resources to work for you. Recruiting firms find the talent, often taken by the largest companies with the most robust recruiting resources, and introduce them to their clients, regardless of size. Because the recruiting firm has established relationships with the candidates you seek, they can efficiently and effectively find top-level talent and bring them to your company.

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