Our Keys to Success

Our Keys to Success

Each day, MiSource is partnering with organizations ranging in size from small start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations to help fulfill their staffing requirements.  Our success is driven from our relationships with industry leading professionals, possessing the skills and expertise our Clients seek.

How does MiSource find exceptional talent?  

While each Client and each position are unique, the approach to finding the best talent is remarkably similar.  Research tells us that the best employees come from personal and professional networks.  That same research establishes that job boards are one of the least reliable sources for your next exceptional employee.  With this knowledge in hand, the MiSource team follows a proven method to identifying top talent, with our team of Recruiters building strong relationships with the talent you need for your business.

What is the MiSource method?

Know our Clients: Our effectiveness in recruiting exceptional talent begins with knowing our Clients and their needs.  Because we are business partners, we get to know our Clients’ business, their goals, their projects and their personnel needs.  The success of our relationship goes beyond matching a candidate to a job description.  We match our candidates to a company, a culture and a career.

Build Relationships: Everyday, our team is building relationships with professionals possessing the skills our Clients seek.  With these relationships established, we are able to effectively and efficiently match our candidates to our Client’s requirements.  The majority of our candidates come from our internal network and referrals from that network.

Candidate Interview/Screening: Before we present one of our candidates to a Client, the candidate will interview with one of our Technical Recruiters.  Depending on the nature of the position and the Client requirements, additional assessments and evaluations may take place during the interviewing and screening phase. MiSource partners with corporations such as Prove It! and InterviewStream to select the most talented candidates by using the latest technology. Using the knowledge that your dedicated Account Manager has learned about your organization, our team assesses not just technical fit, but also cultural fit.  We want our candidates’ career goals and achievements to match the needs of our Clients.


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Professional References:  While many of our candidates are referred to us by former supervisors and co-workers, other professional references provide insight into the quality of the candidate, as well as their past work achievements.

Background Check: For each candidate selected for hire by a Client, MiSource performs a national background check, a social security verification and a check of the national sex offender database.  As a service to our Clients, MiSource will perform additional background checks and screenings to meet the Client’s internal requirements.

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