Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

With over half a billion users on LinkedIn, there is a good reason why you should be utilizing this professional platform. Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or looking to network with like-minded professionals, LinkedIn is the social networking site to invest your time with. According to LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog, 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. LinkedIn is a direct line to communicating and networking with these higher level professionals, so how can we utilize this amazing tool? Here are a few tips to help make the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

Claim your custom URL

One of the first things you should do to utilize your LinkedIn profile is to claim your custom URL. What does that mean? LinkedIn allows you to personalize your profile with a URL made specifically for you. Your custom URL will help others find your profile so that they can connect with you. It also makes it a link that is easy to share and add to your resume or other websites.

Profile and background photo

Your profile and background photo are the first thing that anyone will see before connecting with you. Your profile photo should be a professional picture that captures your personality. That means no selfies, no pictures with your pets, and no group shots. Make sure that your profile photo has good lighting and that you look approachable.

The other important photo people often forget about is your background photo. LinkedIn profiles tend to look the same, but your background photo can help set you apart if it is creative. Not sure what type of background photo to add to your profile? Ask yourself, “What are you trying to accomplish?” and “Who are you trying to attract?” Having a background photo that answers these questions will help you determine how to enhance this space. Don’t forget to make sure your background photo is compatible with both desktop and mobile layouts. The correct size for a LinkedIn background photo is 1584×396 pixels.


Your profile summary is the first thing LinkedIn users will learn about you. It is your elevator pitch about yourself. In your summary, you should answer everyone’s favorite interview question, “Tell me about yourself”. This is a great question to help you get started – whether you are looking for a new opportunity or trying to grow your network. In this section let others know what you do, what you want to do, and what your passion is. Don’t be afraid to make it your own and add your personality. LinkedIn is a professional networking site, but professionals can have a sense of humor too.

Another available feature for the summary section is media. You can add media such as your resume, relevant videos, or content you have created. If you have put effort into making any of these things, make sure you use this feature to showcase it.

Interact with your network

Networking can seem intimidating online, but it is as simple as connecting and creating conversations. If you see someone post an interesting article in your news feed, leave a comment and engage with their content. If someone likes or comments on any content that you post, follow up with them and thank them for liking your content. This may feel weird to do at first, but it is what the platform is for – connecting and engaging with other professionals.

Share content

Sharing content is another key to utilizing your time on LinkedIn. You should share content to show that you are active on LinkedIn. While having your profile set up is the first step for success, those connecting with you want to see what you have to say. Share an article, or better yet, write an article of your own about a topic you find interesting or relevant to your field.

Video is another great way to create conversations and engage in the LinkedIn community. Whatever method of sharing you prefer, try to share a few times a week to show your knowledge of your industry or that you are actively trying to find a position.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, these tips will help you get started with updating your profile and give you an idea on how to start/enhance your networking efforts. If you need further help in your job search, MiSource can help connect you to employers and job opportunities. Connect with us today to start the conversation.

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